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I've also fallen foul of the 5 hour rule (by 27 minutes) despite bona fide use of the Alma Leisure park for a meal followed by a lengthy film. An appeal to HX parking is pointless as they just cite the 5 hour rule. They also state

"Our telephone number is also available on signs in the car park so that the issue can be resolved on the day. However, as you failed to notify us within 48 hours, the PCN was processed and issued.

There is also a portal at Cineworld where customers can enter their vehicle registration to become exempt
from any charges."

The first of these points is invalid as you're not aware there is an issue until you receive a letter some 5 days later.

In my opinion the whole situation of parking at Alma Leisure Park needs reviewing. The signage may well be there but is easy to miss, especially if you're paying an appropriate level of "due care and attention" when entering the Leisure Park at what is usually a busy and congested junction. The companies who offer service at the site should also take some responsibility for making their customers aware of the parking situation.

Overall I feel I have been subject to a very expensive "stealth" parking charge and will now most likely be taking my business elsewhere. To everyone else - BE AWARE!   05-02-20