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I parked in this Centre to watch two films 10 am & 1 pm I had a quick lunch in Nandos and never left the Centre until I had seen the second film. I was 31 minutes over and got a ticket for £100, pay by a given date and it drops to £60 or goes up £160. I admit I was over the time but I was using the Centres facilities. Where must I park if not in there? I had to pay the £60 fine as my excuse will not be read for upto 28 days. I am disabled and have a Blue Badge, at 73 years old I must now give up my Unlimited Card for the Cinema to pay the fine. I asked, but got no help from Cineworld and Nandos (not our problem mate. Well it is, how many people don't stay in the Centre (there are several amenties) because of these rules? You cannot guess the end time of a film because of all the adverts at the begining. So my only relaxation must now be in front of my TV. I used to live in Milton Keynes where Blue Badge Holders can park free for any length of time on any day. These scams however are perpetuated across the Country by Councils and big business. They really don't care about anyone but their own pockets.    17-11-19
Tags: Alma Leisure Centre for Rip off Parking


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